Pritchitts works on Cappuccino Milk

Pritchitts has re-launched its Millac Cappuccino Milk.

The pack has been given a new look designed to be fresh and modern, and the product has been reformulated to contain only 1% fat. The change in formulation aims to increase the versatility of the milk so it can be used in all hot beverages, including tea and hot chocolate.

Simon Muschamp, head of marketing at Pritchitts, said: “Milk is often what determines a good coffee or hot chocolate so the quality of that milk is highly important. Because Millac Cappuccino Milk is protein enhanced, it will deliver a luxurious foam every time, ensuring customer satisfaction. The additional benefits it brings, such as the ability to be foamed and re-foamed, make it a ‘must stock’ item for anyone serving hot drinks.”

Contact: 0845 130 0307

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