New milk developed to produce a perfect cappuccino every time

Pritchitts has launched Millac Cappuccino Milk, a milk that makes it easier to achieve the perfect cappuccino and latte by guaranteeing a consistent foam.

The outcome of 12 months of development at Pritchitts Knowledge Centre, the secret to the new milk is the addition of extra proteins and stabilisers. While the added proteins have the ability to grab more of the air to form bubbles during the foaming process, the stabilisers stop the foam breaking down as quickly.

As a result, Millac Cappuccino Milk produces more foam than fresh milk which means operators require less volume per drink, representing a real cost saving. And due to the increased protein in Millac Cappuccino Milk, it can even be re-foamed once cooled down – something that is impossible to do with fresh milk. This gives operators the flexibility to re-use the milk not just for the same beverage but also in other milk-based drinks, helping to reduce wastage from foamed milk.

With an ambient shelf life of six months, the product also eliminates the need for daily deliveries of fresh milk.

Simon Muschamp, head of marketing at Pritchitts, commented: “Every coffee consumer today knows what a cappuccino, latte or mocha should look and taste like. Yet the quality still varies hugely across the out of home market for various reasons. What we are doing with this product is helping operators to get the milk part right.

Millac Cappuccino will be available in cases of 12 x 1 litre packs.

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