It’s in the bag for wholesalers as new era of oven cooking dawns

Oven and cooking bags manufacturer Terinex is urging wholesalers to gear up to satisfy growing demand for oven bags – on the eve of a major campaign to encourage more chefs to appreciate their kitchen benefits and consumer appeal.

The company’s new “Think Outside the Bag” initiative aims to raise awareness of the possibilities of oven bags, stress their practical advantages to chefs and help overcome traditional barriers to their use in commercial kitchens.

“Think Outside the Bag”, which is launching in October with extensive social media activity, is endorsed by Andrew Turner, executive head chef at the Café Royal who will be showcasing a range of inspirational recipe videos to support the campaign.

“I love these products and use them both at home and at work. There are so many benefits especially for our healthy cooking lifestyle as no added oil or fat is required. Meat served in an oven bag self bastes and stays succulent throughout. Caterers also make a marked energy saving with reduced cooking times.” 

New consumer research shows there is overwhelming support for chefs that use oven bags in meal preparation – particularly among the 40% of consumers who have had their Sunday roast ruined by dry meat cooked the traditional way, with 66% adding that the experience would stop them returning to the outlet. The research also revealed that 85% of consumers want to cut fat and oil in their diet and 77% of people would prefer chefs to use healthier cooking methods such as oven bags. Some 73% said they would not care if an oven bag was used if the meal tasted better.

Wholesalers who sign up to support “Think Outside the Bag” by stocking Terinex oven bags will be featured exclusively on the company’s website, to ensure their customers are driven direct to their wholesaler. Terinex will also be giving away free oven bag samples to caterers through an innovative social media campaign and its website – . Every sample request will go into a free prize draw to win a weekend for two at Café Royal and an exclusive, back of house tour with Andrew Turner.

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