Aviko suggests serving styles for its Super Crunch Mega Fries

Aviko has introduced the Super Crunch Mega Fries.

Aviko says that as most meals eaten out of home are a chance for customers to indulge, chips will always feature on menus and customers will always choose them as a treat.

The Super Crunch Mega Fries are 18mmx18mm and longer than average compared to a standard Aviko frozen chip and the design means that they can be served stacked on a plate or in other styles.

They have a special coating designed to keep the product crispier for longer and reduce wastage and they can be prepared by deep frying or oven baking.

According to Aviko, the chunkier cut size means a low 3% fat content pre-fried, only 5% fat content after frying for four minutes at 175 deg;C and only 3.8% fat content after baking in an oven for 24 minutes at 200 deg;C, compared to a standard Aviko frozen chip.

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