New look for Lindemans

Treasury Wine Estates will be rolling out new packaging for its leading Australian heritage wine brand, Lindemans, from March, with the final SKUs rolled out by the end of May. The new look forms part of a new Lindemans brand identity, which aims to reflect the brand’s heritage “and offer greater clarity for shoppers by bringing the entire portfolio together under the new logo, while clearly differentiating each range.”

The new Lindeman’s brand identity comprises:

  • A new crest featuring ‘Cawarra': The Lindeman’s crest now features Dr Henry Lindeman’s original family homestead, ‘Cawarra’, built in 1855. It also depicts a home setting in which millions of people enjoy Lindeman’s with family and friends.
  • A modernised wreath: The iconic Lindeman’s wreath has been updated to feature Australian native eucalyptus and gum nuts reaffirming Lindeman’s home in Australia.
  • “In Life Happiness”: The Latin phrase ‘Felicitas in Vitae’ – meaning ‘In Life Happiness’ is inspired by Dr Henry Lindeman, who famously said “the one purpose of wine is to bring happiness.”
  • Dr Henry Lindeman: The new logo clearly acknowledges Dr Henry Lindeman’s role in founding Lindeman’s in the Hunter Valley in 1843.

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