ICB put pears on air

InterContinental Brands like to be first. So they are pleased to be running the first TV advertising campaign in the UK for a premium pear cider. Consumers in Northern Ireland and Scotland were the first to be targeted with the new St Helier TV ad, which aired between prime time programmes like Coronation Street and The Bill on UTV, Channel 4 Northern Ireland and Scottish TV from late July to early August. The campaign will roll out across the rest of the UK from late Autumn.

Set in an idyllic, sunny orchard and in a pub, where it is enjoyed poured over ice, the ad opens with the cider maker checking the fruit on the pear trees and finally pouring the just-picked pears into a basket. The soundtrack tells the story of the cider makers of St Helier, who always kept a corner of their orchards for themselves to grow fruit that produced a crisp clear refreshing cider that they considered to be superior to apple cider. The sign-off, as an inverted pear appears on screen backed by a halo of light, is: “Great idea for cider”.

l For information contact InterContinental Brands on 01423 872 747 or visit [http://www.icbrands.co.uk].

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