ICB launches V-Kat schnapps brand as it removes Vodkat from the market

InterContinental Brands (ICB) has announced the launch of new V-Kat schnapps, following its decision to remove Vodkat from the market.

V-Kat schnapps has an ABV of 22% and will be available in 20cl, 35cl, 70cl and one litre glass bottles.

Managing director John Mills said: “The majority of people are becoming more and more aware of the level of alcohol in all alcoholic drinks and V-Kat schnapps is a great speciality drink but at a lower percentage ABV than full strength spirits.

“A 70cl bottle typically retails at less than pound;6, which is great value in these tough economic times.”

ICB announced it would cease shipping Vodkat schnapps from the end of January following a legal dispute with Diageo. A High Court judge ruled Vodkat schnapps’ presentation might mislead or confuse consumers into thinking it was vodka.

Mills added: “V-Kat schnapps should be merchandised in the ‘speciality drinks’ fixture, which is growing at 12% in the off trade compared with 4% in the overall beers, wines and spirits category.”

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