Walkers re-launches new lower salt content packs

Walkers is re-launching its snacks brands Quavers, Monster Munch, Walkers Squares and French Fries with an 80% reduction in saturated fat and at least a 25% reduction in salt.

All Walkers snacks will now be made with sunseed oil which means the saturated fat content has been reduced. The salt content will also be reduced by at least 25% and up to 55%. All Walkers snacks will have GDA labelling featured prominently on the front of packs, to help consumers make informed decisions about what they eat.

Wotsits will also now be made with sunseed oil.

The packs will also feature a re-design to help them stand out on shelf.

Jon Goldstone, vice president of Walkers Marketing, said: ‘We had a fantastic response to the changes we made to Walkers crisps last year and saw the category grow by 2%. Sunseed oil is one of the healthiest oils there is and consumers awareness is high. The changes we have mode to our snacks range will be welcomed by mums who we know are looking for more choice and clearer health credentials.”

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