Walkers POS initiative highlights top selling snacks

Walkers has introduced a point of sale initiative for cash and carries in order to highlight the top 20 snacks. It consists of point of sale signage for cash and carries, asking retailers whether they are “stocking the best sellers” and highlighting the 20 category best sellers in a chart.

POS will also be attached to aisle fixtures, flagging up each of the Walkers best sellers and, in addition, every case of a Walkers best seller now carries a best seller stamp ensuring that retailers are aware of the earning potential that case offers them.

Walkers trade marketing manager Cara Beeby commented: “The wrong range and poor availability can lead to missed sales, and it’s a myth that choice means stocking a huge range. Essentially, choice is about ensuring shoppers can always buy their favourite brands and flavours, as well as avoiding out of stocks.

“Retailers should not underestimate the value of Walkers core crisp range to their businesses. For example Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps standard are alone worth £81m – a figure which far exceeds the combined value sales of the next four top selling snack brands and one which highlights how important it is for retailers to carefully consider which snacks they stock.”

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