Size is important for a new range of prawns from Whitby Seafoods

Whitby Seafoods is to break into the cooked and peeled prawn sector with a new range of prawns it claims are bigger and tastier than anything else on the market.

Marketing and sales director Laura Troughton explained: “We know from our research consumers like large and fresh tasting peeled prawns so we scoured the world for the best tasting and largest we could find.

“In our new Cooked and Peeled range the large prawns are the same size as the largest currently available on the market, and we have two further styles: extra large and extra extra large, which are even bigger.”

The versions are graded by the number of prawns per pound: extra extra large (70-90 prawns per pound), extra large (91-125 prawns per pound) and large (126-175 prawns per pound).
Troughton added: “We have wide ranging national wholesale distribution for our existing product range and it makes tremendous sense to offer suppliers and caterers a more complete range of the products they want most.”

Contact: 0800 731 6596

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