Seasonal limited edition ice cream for H auml;agen-Dazs

General Mills has launched a winter variant to its H auml;agen-Dazs range.

The Mascarpone, Passion Fruit Truffles flavour ice cream will be available for six months.

Andrew Foweather, sales director of General Mills UK, said: “Limited Edition flavours excite consumers and draw new users into the category. Our research shows that 58% of consumers who bought a limited edition flavour did not buy H auml;agen-Dazs in the 16 months pre-launch, which means that limited edition flavours bring in incremental sales.

“The new products prospects are good, as we have high expectations for the H auml;agen-Dazs winter range this year. Luxury ice cream is traditionally a year round earner for retailers. With 50% of all brand sales occurring in the winter months H auml;agen-Dazs ice cream really should be a permanent fixture in the freezer.”

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