Lasting stimulation from Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket has introduced a new stimulant drink to the market.

The 55ml bottle is designed to be small enough to carry anywhere and taps into the growing trend for functional drinks.

The Goji berry flavour contains only five calories and is designed to deliver long-lasting stimulation without the ‘jitters’ and ‘crash’ that can be associated with energy drinks.

Tony Pannett, co-founder of Pocket Rocket, said: “For 300 years we’ve used caffeine as a stimulant. This is the next evolution in energy drinks adding amino acids and vitamins to sustain energy levels beyond the caffeine hit. Pocket Rocket was developed over a year, in conjunction with three flavour houses, to obtain a light tangy taste unlike the sickly sweet taste often associated with highly caffeinated energy drinks. The blend of amino acids, B-vitamins and natural Goji berry extract ensures Pocket Rocket continues to deliver a sustained boost after the initial caffeine ‘hit’ has diminished – actually it is rocket science.”

Contact: 01291 689442

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