JTI gives Camel brand a limited edition makeover for its packs

JTI is introducing a limited edition World Inside design for its Camel brand.

Aiming to reflect the modernity of the brand, the packs will feature a bold Camel logo on the front and a printed inner frame.

According to JTI, Camel is one of the top five cigarette brands in the world and one of the leading players in the American Blend tobacco market and is particularly popular with smokers in urban areas as well as in regions with high adult student populations.

Jeremy Blackburn, head of communication for JTI, said: “The limited edition Camel packs have a fresh design in keeping with the brand’s long standing reputation for innovation.

“Popular with style conscious adult smokers, Camel offers a high profit return for retailers so should be well stocked at all times.”

The limited edition packs will be available on 20 packs of Camel Blue and Camel Filters.

Contact: 0800 163 503

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