Hamlet introduces variety packs

To help retailers capitalise on the valuable cigar market at Christmas, Hamlet is launching a limited edition variety pack.
The variety pack is available only to independent retailers and will contain five each of Hamlet Miniatures, Fine Aroma, Smooth and Filters.

The variety pack provides the full range of miniature cigars the consumer demands for less outlay than the combined cost of individual packs. The 20s tins will be pre-packed in a shelf-ready refillable plastic acetate merchandising unit. Available at an RRP of £39.99 the variety pack is designed to give retailers a POR of 28.67%, which is equivalent to £8.10 per pack.

The new Hamlet variety pack will also be carrying this year’s £20,000 ‘Happiness’ outer trade promotion, which offers a top prize of £5,000 for one retailer, five prizes worth £1,000 and 50 of £100.

Jeremy Blackburn, Gallaher’s trade communications manager, said: “Miniature cigars are in growth and selling well, hence the redevelopment of the Hamlet range. Being the number one cigar, Hamlet is responsible for providing consumers with products that they want, which is why we’ve invested so heavily in the brand.

“The new limited edition variety pack aims to help retailers realise the profit opportunities that are available, especially at this time of year when cigars sell fastest.”

Contact: 0800 163503

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