Galaxy and Maltesers hot drinks are available in on the go sticks

Galaxy and Maltesers instant hot chocolate drinks have unveiled single serve stick sachets.

The new sticks are designed to give consumers the opportunity to drink hot chocolate on the go, by carrying sticks in handbags and storing them in office drawers or glove compartments.

Galaxy is available in 28g sticks and Maltesers in 25g sticks supplied in a case which holds 30. The shelf ready case is designed so sticks will not fall over and get lost within the case.

Richard Cooper, the brand marketing manager at Aimia, the suppliers of the two hot chocolate brands, said: “The sachet market, now worth more than pound;16m in the UK alone, is critical to the hot beverage fixture.”

He added: “Trends are currently moving towards the handy sized sticks, which allow everyday consumers to trial new products such as hot chocolate in convenient and portable packaging.”

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