Benson Hedges launches packs of 14 cigarettes

Gallaher has launched Benson Hedges Gold and Silver in 14 stick packs to offer smokers its premium cigarettes at a new price point. Gallaher said the new format would suit today’s average consumption of 14 cigarettes a day, and would also present retailers with a new profit opportunity. It said the new pack would increase the likelihood of daily purchase and increase footfall to store.

In addition, it said “premium brands deliver premium profits” and the new format would give value for money cigarette smokers the opportunity to trade up and purchase a premium product at an affordable price.

Jeremy Blackburn, Gallaher trade communications manager, said: “The launch of new Benson Hedges Gold and Silver 14s will benefit retailers by driving category growth. Until now tobacco consumers have not been able to enjoy the varied pack size that other sectors, such as soft drinks, have.

Silver 14s will be available in price marked £3.10 packs and both packs will carry a red ‘14 pack’ flash to stand out on shelf.
Outers will contain 210 sticks (15 packs) in order to maintain wholesalers’ margins on outers.

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