Bendicks adds Creamy Filling variant to Werther’s Original

Bendicks has added a new line to its Werther’s Original range, Werther’s Original Creamy Filling.

The Creamy Filling Werther’s will join the existing range of Butter Candies, Chewy Toffees, Butter Mints and Sugar Free Butter Candies.

According to Bendicks, following consumer research and taste testing 79% of consumers expressed spontaneous purchase interest in Creamy Filling.

Anne Hollamby, marketing director for Werther’s Original, said: “The extensive tasting and research we’ve undertaken with this new soft centre version of Werther’s Original clearly shows it has gone down extremely well with the consumer. Significantly, while on test in-store it has not had a detrimental affect on sales of our other Werther’s Original lines, which have been displayed alongside Creamy Filling throughout the trial period.

“Creamy Filling is a very different boiled sweet in that it is a much ‘faster eat’, fitting in with the lifestyle of today’s consumer. We’re excited to be rolling it out nationally in 2009 and are confident it will prove to be a popular seller.”

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