Erudus offers industry solution for allergen and nutrition info

Data solution specialist Erudus, which is used by Fairway foodservice among others, has launched its  ‘Recipe Builder’ service for caterers and the wider foodservice industry.

The ‘Recipe Builder’ works to calculate nutritional info and an allergy statement based on the full collection of ingredients in each recipe. The product also allows users to add notes and instructions about using the ingredients together, ready for their colleagues to access on the Erudus log-in.

The recipes can then be broken down per serving and also per 100g with full nutritional information and cost breakdown available for both.

An allergy statement will also be created, taking into account every ingredient used and analysing Erudus data to show any potential allergens within the recipe.

Jon Shayler, chief operating officer at Erudus, said: “The Erudus platform already provides the food industry with easy access to over 30,000 product specifications that caterers are using every day in their kitchens. Feedback from our users highlighted that caterers are using this information to manually roll up allergen statements and calculate the nutritional values for the dishes they’re serving.

“We wanted to make this process quicker, easier and less error prone for our caterers. In creating our latest offering we utilised the wealth of information Erudus already holds to make life easier for caterers, we think we’ve been able to achieve this with the ‘Recipe Builder.'”

Existing and new users can subscribe to the ‘Recipe Builder’ and create recipes using the products in our datapool and for products that aren’t yet in the datapool users can create their own custom ingredients or draw on the Food Standard’s Agengy own ingredient data. Once finished, the system then produces a full allergen statement complete with nutritional information on a printable PDF.

Shayler added: “The product just gone live and there are now over 2,000 users actively using it.

“Early feedback has been brilliant too, we recently exhibited at a trade show and had so many caterers tell us how blown away they were by the ease of the system and the results it produces.”

To find out more about Erudus visit the website:




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