WKD launches new PMP exclusively in wholesale

SHS Drinks is cashing in on the surge in popularity of price-marked packs with the spring launch of WKD Red in 700ml £2.99 PMP bottles, exclusively into the wholesale channel.

The WKD Red 700ml PMPs will be available from this month (March) in specially flashed cases (6 x 700ml bottles), and  neck labels highlight the “Only £2.99. RESULT!” deal and provide stand-out on shelf and in the chiller.

WKD Red joins WKD Blue, the RTD’s top-selling SKU [Nielsen Scantrack Total GB Take Home RTD category volume (L) amp; value (£) share, MAT to 31.01.15], and WKD Iron Brew which were launched in 700ml PMPs a year ago, to complement the WKD Blue and Iron Brew 275ml £4.99 PMP 4-packs.

Debs Carter, marketing director – alcohol at SHS Drinks, says: “PMPs are having a big impact within the RTD category where they now account for £11.8 million of the £61 million-worth of RTD sales through impulse stores –almost double (+99%) compared witha year ago.

The fact that WKD Blue PMP 4-pack sales are up by almost a third and 700 ml PMP sales of WKD Blue and Iron Brew have grown by 1,157% in category where overall RTD sales value has grown by less than 5% demonstrates the positive impact that PMPs can have on driving sales.   And the PMPs are not having a negative effect on retail sales revenue as value sales of WKD PMPs have increased pretty much in line with volume performance.”

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