Wine Wheels turn in the profit

The Blueprint Wine Wheels provide the answer when a customer asks the retailer for suggestions on what they should buy to accompany a meal they are planning. By simply referring to the suggestions on the wheels the retailer and their staff, or the shoppers, can then identify a suitable bottle with confidence.

The result is that Mark is selling almost 60 cases of wine a month from a store that is only 1,000 sq ft in size.

Following the success of the Wine Wheels in helping to educate his staff and customers on the different wines available, Mark Stammers has been inspired to learn more about the subject. Through his local wholesaler, Parfetts Cash Carry, he has enrolled on the Wines and Spirits Education Trust course for wine retailing.

“There’s definitely a trend at the moment to drink more wine, especially for men, with many beer drinkers converting to wine, so there are a lot of customers out there who aren’t sure what to purchase. It helps if you are knowledgeable about wines and have information to hand that you can pass to customers to advise them on what to choose,” explains Mark.

“We sell a very good range of wines. It’s one item that you find people are willing to spend that little bit extra on for a decent bottle, but they need information to influence that choice. That’s where the Wine Wheels come in. Unfortunately I don’t always have the personal time to spend with each shopper advising them on what to buy, but the Wine Wheel is a handy back-up.”

He has been using the Wine Wheels in his store for almost 12 months and has found the guides hugely popular with staff and customers. As well as volume, the variety of wines being purchased is increasing too. Better quality wines at the higher end of the price range are increasing in sales too, as customers have the confidence to spend more as they have the information to back up their choice.

Customers also have the option to return any wines they don’t like if bought as part of a two-for-one deal, which all encourages consumers to be braver with their choices and try new brands.
“The Blueprint has educated me on the wine market and opened my eyes to what’s really available out there. A few years ago everyone used to assume that a French wine was automatically the best available, but now we’re getting introduced to more and more varieties and now New World wines are my best sellers,” says Mark.

“Everyone has a personal taste, and what I like might not suit everyone else. However, through learning about wines I can hopefully offer a good quality wine to suit any budget and taste. As sales are rocketing, I can afford to buy in greater volumes and work with the wholesaler to get a better deal, which I can then pass on.

“It’s driving down the cost of wine and making quality brands more affordable to my customers. In the end the more I can know about the subject and help make recommendations, backed up by the Blueprint Wine Wheels, then my customers can’t lose.”

Retailers implementing the Blueprints are guaranteed an increase in sales. The pledge is backed by the FWD.


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