This is a brand that can challenge the market leaders. Can we persuade them to provide us with some in store tasting? Through our strong retail club we can now organise this very effectively.

Excuse my laughter. I am reading Asda’s announcement of its pound;102m investment to lower prices. “We’re putting our money firmly where our mouth is,” says the PR. And I thought the price cuts came out of suppliers’ pockets. Hey-ho, another price war is on the way.

We talked about My Shop is Your Shop and National Independents’ Day on June 1. We hear that one major wholesaler is directing substantial resources to the campaign, improving communication with retailers and winning additional supplier support. We must do the same.

Verdict Research’s forecast of 0.6 % deflation in food and grocery for 2006 is hardly a cause for concern. Looking at The Grocer Big 30, many independent operators are performing well. Our single figure turnover increase has been hard fought for but we remain confident about our future.

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