With Irn-Bru 32 spending on national media support too, the energy drink market certainly is looking interesting these days – if not a little overcrowded.

The average retail price of a bottle of wine is still below pound;4 a bottle, only a couple of pence up on last year and, no doubt, the inspiration for Gordon’s recent subtle tax increase. Look on any supermarket wine shelf for discounted offers and you will find plenty. A local independent offers only two wines below pound;4 which you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole! There is growth in the independent sector but retailers must not be greedy and price themselves out of the boom. How many tins of beans do you have to sell to make the same cash profit as a bottle of wine?

The cost of rising competition between supermarkets is usually met by suppliers who bear the brunt of all price wars. Our fear is suppliers’ lost margin will be recovered by adjustments to their pricing strategies and investment in the independent sector.

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