Is it any wonder the pound;3.88 average bottle price hasn’t moved for years in spite of the demise of cheapies like Liebfraumilch and Lambrusco. In 1998 we promoted Nottage Hill to retail at pound;3.99 a bottle and only a few weeks ago we saw a multiple offering the same deal – nearly eight years on. Fantastic value, yet we think many of the so called half-price multiple deals do take a lot of believing – like pound;7.99 reduced to pound;3.99. Who’s kidding who?

The news of the Airfix failure received massive media coverage with the downfall of model making being attributed to the popularity of computer games and TV. RHM’s Let’s Cook fun recipe kits for youngsters might get the kids back into creative mode and help launch a new generation of young cooks.

I’m not sure if I see the point of Nestl eacute; promoting Smarties in trade press and on TV on the basis of containing no artificial colours. Eighty six per cent of mums may well see the advert but why should that result in an increase in sales?

Carlsberg seems to be taking a bit of a risk. It is offering the chance to win seats at Wembley from August 2007. Let’s hope that it’s finally operational by then.

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