Add to this its most efficient product placement skills and success is assured. With big spends from Kinder Bueno, Mars Delight and KitKat there is some serious snacking business to be done this spring.

A recent poll by the Carbon Trust suggested that two thirds of the people questioned wanted to know the “carbon footprint” of their food purchases. Some even want to check out the food miles and challenge shipping goods from Peru or the Philippines when they could be sourced from much closer to home. Like so many people I am puzzled and confused.

We are keen to support Fair Trade products (up 64% last year) but at what price to the planet? It is no wonder that Third World producers are alarmed by Tesco’s move to restrict the import of air freighted goods and introduce a ‘fly miles’ labelling system. No doubt someone will then invent ‘wine miles’ and suggest it would make more sense to buy all our wine from France or Spain and cut back on oil guzzling tankers from around the world.

The Irish drinks company C C has announced a phenomenal UK performance for Magners Cider. S N’s response with its Ice Cold Bulmer’s campaign and its biggest ever cider marketing spend, a mere pound;45m, will dent Magners progress. No matter, it’s helping to get value back into the cider market after years of heavy discounting and wasteful ‘extra free’ deals. There is a budget coming up, however, and Gordon may yet punish apples, pears and fruits of the vine in his final fling, while leaving the grain alone once again.

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