Watch Imperial Tobacco’s latest anti-illicit video

Following on from the first two instalments, which depicted a tobacco smuggler trying to evade airport customs and a shop owner witnessing a criminal peddling illegal tobacco on his street corner, the third short film highlights a trend and increasingly common scene in criminals targeting local community markets. 

The new film, which is also portrayed on posters and supported by a trade press campaign, shows untested, unregulated illegal tobacco being sold in an open marketplace; Imperial stresses that every sale criminals make threatens legitimate retailers for whom tobacco sales still account for over 30% of their revenue.

Peter Nelson, Imperial Tobacco anti-Illicit trade manager, said this week: “Marketplaces form a staple part of our communities, in the same way as our local shops, post offices, schools and hospitals. Retailers pockets are constantly being hit through the sales of illegal tobacco and the Government is losing billions in lost tax; imagine the additional, and much needed, local amenities which could be funded if this money wasn’t falling into criminal hands.

“We urge the trade and public not to be silent, make your voice heard and protect your community and local shops – it you Suspect it? Report it!

Watch the new film here:

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