Walk Shop to save million tons of CO2

ProWholesaler has learned that the My Shop Is Your Shop campaign is alerting cash and carry and delivered wholesalers to a new phase of the Walk Shop activity which will set a target of saving one million tons of CO2 emissions.

A survey has concluded that currently, consumers walking to local shops save 917,860 tons.

MSYS chairman Alan Toft said: “The climate change issue is very serious for everyone, especially our children. But it is a legitimate platform from which the independent can say to his community that it is in the interests of the environment that every day they remember the positive contribution they can make to reduction of their carbon footprint.”

Walk Shop was launched by MSYS to remind consumers that by ditching the car and walking to the local store to buy groceries they could prevent the creation of CO2 emissions and contribute to the climate change challenge.

MSYS wants the owners of independent c-stores, newsagents and rural shops to remind consumers that the benefits of Walk Shop also include value for money, buying just what you need and healthy exercise.

Under the theme of Think Global, Shop Local, campaigners organised a survey, sponsored by Flora and Persil Small Mighty, during NIW 08.

From analysis of the research involving 1,382 consumers using local shops, the following emerged:

l The exercise was based on an average of 445 transactions per independent shop per day with customers walking an average of 0.93 kilometres to and from home per shopping visit.

l On average each Walk Shop transaction means that 0.12 kilograms of CO2 emisssions are saved for being created.

l On average per year, based on a total universe of 48,000 local shops stocking food, newspapers and tobacco, walking to local shops prevents the creation of 917,860 tons of CO2 emissions.

Wholesalers and suppliers will be informed of the consumer media campaign which is now being planned by the FWD PR Action Group (PRAG) for the autumn.

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