Pringles Dream Team activity breaks at the same time and the lads will be glad of both to help soak up all that beer.

Tesco’s huge profit leap was expected but news that it will open another 130 Express convenience stores during the current year shows its determination to dominate the convenience market.

Unilever is giving the trade plenty of notice for its reduced sugar and more highly flavoured Lipton Ice Tea introduction in July. With Tetleys rebranding its product as Ice T, and spending pound;2m on market support, we might see a much-needed boost in sales from this category.

We like the Mars Believe campaign which interestingly ends two days before England’s third, but hopefully not final, appearance. Is this the start of ongoing limited editions based on bold words taken from the Oxford Concise Dictionary?

Pineapples are back in fashion.The man from Del Monte says that whole pineapple sales were up by 40% last year. All the more reason why we should support its recent entry in the premium chilled juice sector with three varieties of its Pineapple Juice Bar.

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