Stock up on the cherry juice university researchers claim that two glasses of cherry juice at bedtime could increase your sleep time by 25 minutes.

Three glasses and you’ll be up during the night for a comfort break!

An undercover TV operation in the South East that exposed a number of independent retailers selling contraband cigarettes from under the counter must concern every legitimate tobacco wholesaler in the country.

It also increases the pressure on HMRC to hunt down these criminals who are dragging our customers into this illegal business.

Researchers have identified four groups of consumers based on how the nation eats. With my deep affection for fish and chips I guess I am excluded from the ‘aspirational gourmets’ around 26% of the population who are apparently adventurous, passionate and creative about food. Am I a ‘pragmatic foodie?’, relying on well-known recipes (50%); a ‘functional provider’ enjoying food but staying within safe limits (20%); or maybe a ‘disinterested refueller’ (4%) who sees eating solely as a source of energy? Me, I eat everything except pickle!

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