Tomlinson to retire from Sterling

Sterling Supergroup has confirmed that it will adopt a new management structure when chief executive Anne Tomlinson retires at the end of the year, after more than 40 years with the buying group.

There will not be a replacement chief executive and existing head office staff will be promoted with Vanessa Cooper becoming group co-ordinator and Sue Garnham, company secretary and financial controller. Tomlinson will retain a small consultancy role and additional support staff will be employed.

Over the past year the main board of the Sterling Supergroup has been working closely together to negotiate contracts on a wide range of products and nominate new suppliers.

Tomlinson said: “Our group has always been a true co-operative and the direct involvement of members in negotiations has been a great success. They are after all, at the sharp end of the Features > Business, are fully aware of what is going on in their trading areas and know what their customers want.”

She added: “The group has gone through many changes over the years and I am delighted to be going out at a high point. Our business has grown quite dramatically over the past four years. Two more members, MKG and David Hughes joined recently.”

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