Today’s wants to get to know its suppliers and to communicate

Chris Beckingham, foodservice trading controller of the Today’s Group, gave an introduction to the three groups within the its foodservice business. He said 80% of the business was evently split between Today’s Foodservice Trading Group and Country Range Group, the 16-strong foodservice buying group. The remainder of the business was accounted for by more than 100 other members who were predominantly cash and carry companies.

Beckingham said: “It’s an acknowledged fact that we could never have achieved the success that we have without the support of the membership, their customers and of course our suppliers. And none of that would have happened without regular dialogue a desire to communicate in a mature and an adult way to achieve mutually agreed objectives.”

He explained that every quarter a different supplier is invited to attend one of the TFTG trading committee meetings to give an overview of their company and its plans for the future. When a new account manager is appointed by a supplier, they are invited to a brief course at Today’s central office so they know how Today’s operates.

Beckingham had also arranged for groups of members and suppliers to meet informally. Individuals meet face to face, introducing themselves and their companies and spending a brief time getting to know each other, before moving on to the next one, in a speed-dating style event. He said: “It proved to be highly successful as a springboard for generating business and arranging more in-depth meetings for the future. One of our suppliers, for example, left with a 100 pallet deal just by being there.”

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