Today’s re-aligns group structure

The Today’s Group has implemented changes to its Group 1 structure, which sees the dissolution of the existing symbol, cash and carry and delivered sub groups – the first change to the group’s trading configuration since it refocused its strategy five years ago.

In 2002, Group 1 was dissected into cash and carry and delivered so that negotiations and trading terms could be simplified and wholesalers could benefit from deals that reflected individual needs.

The new group formation sees members falling into ‘traditional’, ‘licensed’, ‘impulse’ and ‘promotions only’ categories, depending on where their trading strength lies.

The new groups are intended to make core ranges more suited to members’ businesses so, for example, a member would not be asked to take large licensed ranges if their main strength lies in impulse.

Members will be asked to re-commit and sign a contract of pledging – 100% support to the following areas; core range discipline, purchasing defined products each quarter; ‘hot spots; private labels; member forums; group supplier negotiations/problem negotiations and prompt returning of questionnaires.

Rodney Hunt, Today’s Group managing director, commented: “We know that by taking these steps to re-shape Group 1, that members will now receive the ranges they want and can comply with, and suppliers can offer terms that are mutually beneficial.

“We believe that members will understand the reasons for the positive changes and will welcome them.”

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