As the man from Woolies said: “We’re not pretending to be wine experts.” Never a truer word was spoken. A cheap PR trick or a genuine attempt to deliver real value to the consumer?

We were very interested in Whitworth’s new pure fruit and nut bar under the ‘Love’ brand. The Whitworth name is strong in our sector so it’s a pity that a couple of multiples will have exclusivity until the New Year. Once again the independent sector is made to wait.

Winter is coming and with it an increased demand for cough and cold remedy products in our medicinal section. We agree with GlaxoSmithKline that independents can do better in this category and a small store planogram with ranging recommendations would be very helpful.

Goodbye Campbell’s – sorry to see you go. Your Cream of Mushroom condensed soup has always been a favourite of mine. One hundred and ten years is a good innings but Premier, is this really the right time to go? I trust Batchelors will maintain your quality.

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