This is a massive market and while we continue to attract business from pubs, cafés, snack bars, roadside caterers and old people’s homes, there is a much bigger market to go for.

We talk constantly about getting our retail package right. The same emphasis must go into catering and we must get out there and sell it.

It’s over a year since Magner’s Original Irish Cider arrived and helped to revitalise the cider market. Drinksummit revealed there is real growth in cider sales after years of stagnation and decline.

At times our depots were swamped with enough extra fill to float a battle ship. Not that we need a battle.

Profitable growth of this important category is what we are seeking, but the current trend into single orchard and fruit flavoured products is unlikely to add much value.

Still, apple remains a popular flavour and GSK is on to another winner for its Lucozade Energy brand with the launch of an apple variant, supported by a spend in excess of pound;5m on advertising and sampling for the brand over the summer months.

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