An early morning walk around the depot with eyes wide open (for a change) reveals excessive use of supplier POS, out of date information and tatty displays.

A cash and carry will never look like a palace, but must be clean and tidy. Our customers deserve a better shopping environment. The standards we set for our retail club members must be the same for our depot.

The idea of fruit flavoured beers is hardly new, but the introduction of Carlsberg Edge, joining Beck’s and Foster’s recently launched citrus-based products, could trigger a flurry of fruity me-too imports over the coming months. We have been here before with little success. What happened to Bud’s BE with ginseng and guarana extract trialled only last year?

Beer is an important category and we are all for giving new brands a go but our Beer buyer is concerned at the sheer number of recent arrivals including lagers from Kenya, Malta, Namibia, Poland and the Czech Republic. We must be much more selective and only back those with a significant marketing spend. Haven’t we learned anything from the ARTD experience?

Just love the new Beck’s TV advertising. It’s working, too.

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