While the French dig up their vineyards, Australia is massively over-producing and California may soon be in the same position. But it’s not all bad. As consumers, we have never been so well provided for, with a fantastic choice of wines at affordable prices. In our sector, the ranging and merchandising advice provided by the FWD Wine Blueprint has produced some outstanding results.

They pulled out of TV last year, yet Heineken are back with a new advertising campaign linked to the new James Bond Casino Royale film. Can the brand retain all the ingredients of a typical Bond adventure – sophistication, suspense and action? That’s asking a lot from a bottle of lager.

You have to admire the ‘Innocent stuff’ emerging from Fruit Towers in Shepherds Bush, a great company with fantastic products and a welcome fresh approach to marketing, particularly towards children’s smoothies. Dare we ask for more involvement with the independent sector?

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