‘Think Global, Shop Local’ urges MSYS

The My Shop is Your Shop (MSYS) campaign and Landmark Wholesale (see below) are both stepping up initiatives to encourage consumers to shop locally.

As the debate on climate change gathers pace in parallel with soaring petrol prices, MSYS campaigners are planning the next steps for its Walk Shop activity designed to encourage consumers to use local independents.

Under the theme of ‘Think Global, Shop Local’ the campaign is grasping the opportunity to convert consumer support for reduction in carbon emissions, and their dismay caused by high fuel costs, into messages highlighting the benefits of shopping nearby.

During the MSYS National Independents’ Week, retailers throughout the UK took part in a pilot test that measured carbon savings when people walked to nearby shops for their grocery needs.

MSYS chairman Alan Toft said: “Thanks to the co-operation of these retailers, we have collated a top-line reading, which indicates that we now have a very persuasive selling message for the retailer and an encouraging motivation for those consumers who are environmentally aware – and there are millions of them.

“The analysis indicates that shopping locally will reduce carbon emissions substantially and once the figures and data are confirmed we believe we will have a new and very topical selling platform for independents involved with their communities.”

Bob Gill, owner of the Costcutter store at South Hylton, Sunderland, was enthusiastic about participating in the “Ditch the car” pilot test on an issue that is top of the agenda with many shoppers.

“I found a lot of interest in what we were doing. It was a sound basis for discussing with my customers the benefits of shopping locally to contribute to reductions in carbon emissions. It’s a very positive selling signal to the consumer,” he said.

The campaign is on the agenda for the next FWD PR Action Group (PRAG) meeting in September.

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