The FWD Blueprint for success

The new Take Home Blueprint for Ales, Lagers and Ciders shows how the scheme is keeping up with developments in the crucial alcoholic drinks section of the business.

Ross Shelley, scheme director of the Take Home Blueprint, explains: “The plans have moved on considerably since they were first launched back in 1994. Research has highlighted that the TV regions that the plans were previously defined by have become very similar in the range stocked, and the popularity of brands, and therefore these have now been amalgamated into four regions.

“This is now more straightforward for retailers to use and easier to implement the correct range, maximising availability and providing fixtures that meet customer demand.”

The new Ales, Lagers and Ciders plans have several new features to offer independent retailers further advice on maximising off licence sales. This includes insights into engaging customers, the impact of impulse and cross-category purchases and preparation for occasions, for example the use of floor packs for promotions.

The Blueprint also covers the re-vitalisation of the UK cider markets, and therefore offers advice to retailers on how to re-focus on cider and make the most of a very buoyant and strong market which is currently outperforming the total long drinks market. The planograms reflect this growing trend, with suggestions where possible of having a separate dedicated cider fixture.

Shelley says: “The Blueprint team realise that the planograms must go beyond merchandising and ranging advice and also offer guidance on key areas of an independent retailer’s business. Therefore you will find useful information within the Blueprint plans on responsible retailing, promotional activity and, of course, the importance of chilling alcohol.

“This goes to show how over the years the Blueprints have evolved to become an all-round useful and important resource to help educate the independent sector on successful off-licence sales.”

l To contact the Take Home Blueprint team ring 0161 440 2770 or email


=== Blueprint undergoes ‘Exercise Refresh’ ===

The Take Home Blueprint activity is currently being re-energised by increasing Blueprint’s connection between wholesalers and retailers, under the banner “Exercise Refresh”. The cluster programme, under which wholesalers nominate a group of their retailers for free in-store makeovers, will continue to be a major focus for the Blueprint team in 2007.

To further enhance this, the Blueprint team will be visiting wholesalers nationwide with a dedicated Blueprint stand (left at Parfetts Stockport depot) to advertise the scheme in-depot and take nominations direct from retailers.

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