Suppliers should ask for more info

Wholesalers and suppliers are beginning to benefit from working together, but they need to get much better at it, according to Kenny Jacobs, customer manager, Makro Cash Carry.

“We generally are working quite well together,” he said, “but there is still a long way to go to becoming a closer team that is focused not on our individual businesses but one focused on the catering customer, who is the most important part of the equation.”

Jacobs said that suppliers were not asking Makro for enough information. “We have a fantastic data warehouse which records every single invoice of every single customer we have. We are in a position to share this information, and there are some fantastic insights, but you need to be asking for it.”

He said that despite the difficult market there was still a large number of independent caterers. However, he added: “Owner-run outlets still spend more at Tesco every year than they spend with all the cash and carries combined. So we need to up our game.”

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