Spreading the word on PLOD

Wholesalers across the country have been educated on the benefits that the Take Home Blueprint’s PLOD (Putting Leaders on Display) can bring to their independent retail customers.

As part of the Blueprint team’s on-going promotion and education on the benefits of retailers bringing their spirits range out on to self-select using the PLOD security cap system, scheme director Ross Shelley has visited several of the supporting wholesalers and their retail development teams to explain how PLOD can work for their customers.

Over the past month, teams at Makro, Batleys, Parfetts Cash Carry, Lowries and most recently Dee Bee, have all received a presentation and training on PLOD.

Ross explained: “Wholesalers are an important part of the chain to engage, as these are the people that retailers see and interact with daily. We already work closely with our supporting wholesalers bringing the benefits of Blueprint to their many customers, and felt it was important that they understand fully how PLOD works and how it can transform their customers’ sales of spirits.

“By visiting the depots, we can give practical demonstrations on how the system works, show evidence of how stores have benefited already from it and answer any questions that they or their retailers might have.”

Already these presentations have seen the uptake in stores applying for the kit increase dramatically. Following the presentation to Batley’s, they have recommended that PLOD be automatically incorporated into the alcohol section of any new Best One stores and placed on self-select where appropriate.

Ross added: “The feedback we get from these presentations has been extremely positive and in every case we have seen the teams eager to bring their retail customers on board. The benefit to us is that, via the wholesale teams, we can deliver the sales-enhancing message of the Blueprint and PLOD to a wider audience and increase the uptake of retailers to the scheme.

“This is an on-going project and we have plans for further visits to wholesalers around the country in the next few months.”

l Retailers or wholesalers interested in finding out more about PLOD should ring the special PLOD hotline on 0161 440 2757.

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