Spirits soar 30% with PLOD

Lord Sunder Sandher, owner of a Londis store at Leamington Spa, has seen his spirits sales rocket by more than 30% once he placed them on self-select in-store protected by the Take Home Blueprint’s PLOD security cap initiative. His sales have increased by a further 10% recently after they were re-merchandised according to the new Blueprint Spirit’s Planogram.

Sunder is no stranger to using the Take Home Blueprint’s advice. His store has been re-merchandised across the entire off licence according to the Blueprint guidelines and he has enlisted the team’s help to hold in-store wine tasting.

Therefore, Sunder had no qualms in moving his 70cl spirits bottles out onto a fixture in-store where customers could self-select their own purchase under the Blueprint’s recommendation.

It has been three years since he first moved to this system and Sunder has no regrets with his decision.

He explained: “There is no way I would consider reverting back to having my spirits behind the counter, as the benefit of PLOD has been huge. Before I installed the PLOD system, the spirits section was often hidden behind the chewing gum and lottery gantries and my customers simply couldn’t see what they were looking for and I know I must have missed sales opportunities this way.

“Now the spirits are on self-select my customers can take their time to browse the fixture, and there’s no embarrassment at purchasing a large bottle as they don’t have to ask for it anymore.”

Now the spirits are part of Sunder’s alcohol fixture and sales continue to increase, with a 30% uplift compared to his sales when the spirits were behind the counter. As the range is on self-select all the brands are now visible and this has helped boost the profile of some brands which didn’t sell as well prior to PLOD. Customers can now easily compare prices and often trade-up to premium brands.

Sunder added: “We have fairly even sales across the range but Smirnoff and Glenns tend to be the fast sellers, all this because they are now in clear view and customers can help themselves. All these benefits and I’ve not had any theft.

“As for the increase in sales, I could not be happier, there is no way we would go back to behind the counter sales. Also our customers are so used to the spirits being out on the shop floor I don’t think they would be happy if we went back to the old method either.

“I can’t recommend the benefits of PLOD to other retailers enough. If another retailers want to increase their spirit’s sales then PLOD is the answer. It worked for me.”

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