Serving wholesalers so they can serve their catering customers

Sales director of Nestl eacute; Foodservice Steve Pepperell asked three questions: are wholesalers being served by suppliers efficiently, are wholesalers being served so they in turn serve their catering and foodservice customers, and are wholesalers giving suppliers the information the suppliers need to correct their failings?

Starting with the third question, Pepperell urged suppliers to be willing to share data with their suppliers. “Supplier analysts and the data community can generate real insight that will solve category issues and help to give you competitive advantage,” he said.

In response to the two other questions Pepperell discussed NPD. He said: “I think that it is the responsibility of both the suppliers for making sure we only put into the market that which we are absolutely certain will be successful, and wholesalers in picking the winners and picking them early and supporting them properly in a way that ensures your customers get to know about them.”

Pepperell also looked at the strengths and weaknesses that affect both wholesaler and supplier. “We believe we should be developing joint business plans with you because it’s quite clear that joint business plans provide a strategic direction, a strategy for new product development, they set the basis from which a partnership can be developed, and give a clear understanding of what we need to do in both businesses to be successful.”

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