Sales up 40% after Blueprint treatment

Grendon Supermarket in Atherstone, Warwick, underwent a full re-fit, with owner Rizwan Amin making a significant financial investment in his store. Then following a recommendation from a fellow independent retailer, Rizwan enlisted the help of the FWD Take Home Blueprint for advice on what he should be stocking and also merchandising and layout.

This advice has benefited Rizwan. His total sales have increased by 40% in just two months. Rizwan explained: “Having a re-fit spurred us on to look at areas of the shop that we thought might be underperforming. We have a great location in the village with lots of local and passing trade, but we felt the alcohol category wasn’t delivering its full potential.

“I was told about how the Blueprint had helped a retailer friend of mine and the results he had achieved so thought it was an opportunity too good to pass up on. I can’t believe the turnaround it has made. My sales are up 40% thanks to the Blueprint and the service is free as well.”

Paul Adshead, the Take Home Blueprint operations manager, first visited the store immediately after the re-fit and while the store looked great with a large chiller as well as a large area of ambient space allocated to the off licence, Rizwan’s stock was in need of re-merchandising.

Paul explained: “While Rizwan had the right stock by using the Blueprint planograms as his stocking list, there was no particular order to his fixtures. Premium beer was mixed in with standard lager and cider and wines were in any order, not even split by red and white, and certainly not by country. As a customer it would have been very difficult to find what you were after and to browse the shelves easily.”

Paul re-merchandised the entire section, merchandising the entire beers, lager and cider category within the large dairy deck, allocating a section of the chiller for ARTDs and a core range of white and rose wine to cater for those customers wanting a ready-to-drink option available.

The beer category has seen the biggest uplift, with mainstream brands such as Carling, Fosters and Carlsberg increasing in sales between 20% and 40%.

Rizwan said: “Chilled wine is going down particularly well. People come in knowing they can find something that they just go home and drink straight away. The country of origin stickers also help them find exactly what they are looking for. If they know they are after an Australian white it is all located in the same place and easy to find, and it also makes life simpler doing the stock take and I then know instantly what needs replacing.

“I can’t thank the Blueprint enough for the efforts that they put into my store. It is nice to know there are people out there who care about your shop and your sales as much as you do.”

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