Retailers recorded rising crime in 2013

Last year retailers suffered the highest level of theft for nine year with the average value of items stolen going up by 62% to £177.

These latest stats from the British Retail Consortium show the direct cost of crime to retailers last year rose to £511m, 166% 2007-08 and Paul Bland, divisional director-retail of The Shield Group says high value items were top of the list for thieves – including electrical goods, designer clothing, handbags and power tools.

“With the well published struggles of the British high street, the added crippling cost of theft could force many to shut their high-street branches, with small to medium business affected the most. According to the Consortium’s annual retail crime survey, retailers suffered 2.7 #8201;million offences in the year 2012-13. Whilst burglary, robbery and staff theft all take their toll by pushing up retail costs, but shoplifting and the rise of supply chain fraud having by far the biggest impact,” he says, adding that retailers are now spending more on private security measures than they have in the past as they need to think of new ways to protect themselves from incidents such as theft, which last year cost UK retailers over £511m in losses. This is importantant as retailers in particular are more prone to crime such as vandalism, robbery and assaults than other commercial sectors, representing more than half of all such incidents nationally. The implementation of intelligence-led security solutions across wholesale and retail communities will play a vital role in preventing imminent and potential criminal threats. As retail crime evolves, we believe it is more necessary than ever to use these measures to anticipate and pre-empt crime by sourcing, analysing and exploiting timely intelligence.

 “The Shield Group is seeing a large increase in active cooperation between individual retailers, private security firms, community groups and the police. The volume of information now shared results in a ‘constant chatter’ between these entities, discussing subject matter such as movements of known shoplifters, real-time notification of thefts and new theft techniques, as well prominent prosecutions.” 

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