Price-marked packs…do they or don’t they?

The industry’s love affair with price-marked packs (PMPs) may be misplaced, according to latest research unveiled at the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) Wholesaling 2013 conference this week.

The IGD’s senior business analyst Patrick Mitchell-Fox pointed to research which showed that just 35% of shoppers were “favourable” to PMPs, while 28% actively avoided them and 37% were indifferent.

“Is the perception of the value of PMPs ore in the eyes of the retailers and suppliers than their customers?” he asked.

When the figures were broken down, the research found that just 10% of shoppers actually thought that PMPs offered the best value, however 32% of those questioned did think PMPs offered “clarity and transparency” when it came to pricing.

People in the C2DE socio-economic group were more likely to favour PMPs (41%) than those in the ABC1 group (30%).

The subject of PMPs is clearly not cut and dried. In his speech Booker MD Guy Farrant said price-marking was “absolutely critical” congratulating those suppliers that were embracing price-marking, while also commenting that others “still had some way to go”.

More from the IGD research in the October issue of Wholesale News

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