PLOD securing bigger sales for retailers everywhere

Since its launch in 2006, the FWD Take Home Blueprint’s PLOD (Putting Leaders on Display) initiative has proven an outstanding success, ensuring significantly increased sales of spirits for independent retailers across the UK.

The scheme, which involves fitting security caps to one litre and 70cl spirits bottles, enables retailers to move their spirits range from behind the counter to open shelves near the till, allowing their customers to browse the entire range and self-select their purchase.

One of the latest retailers to benefit from PLOD is Castlefield Store in Leominister in Hereford. As well as moving the spirits to self-select and fitting the security caps, the store also received a full Blueprint re-merchandise across the rest of its alcohol range.

Blueprint operations manager Paul Adshead oversaw the conversion. He said: “The store had a large range of spirits but, not untypically for a convenience store, had these hidden away behind the counter. We find many retailers are initially reluctant to even consider moving their spirits to open shelves in-store, as they are worried about theft.

“However we explain to them that the caps benefit their sales in spirits in many ways. First of all the caps act as a major deterrent to theft, as the majority of theft is for re-sale and the only way you can get at the liquid would be to smash the bottle.

“Second, the increase in sales, by allowing consumers to browse and take their time over their intended purchase more than outweighs any potential shrinkage.”

In Castlefield Store, a prime area was identified for the PLOD fixture near to the till so that the staff can still keep an eye on the category. While the litre and 70cl bottles were merchandised on the open shelf, the fractionals were then remerchandised behind the counter.

Paul explained: “With the larger variant now moved out from behind the counter this allowed us to reposition the fractionals into eye line, and the whole look of the counter was refreshed and more selling space was created.

“This store was a prime example of how the PLOD system can transform the alcohol section and give more emphasis across the entire spirits range.”

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