PLOD raises spirits sales by 29%

The FWD’s Take Home Blueprint is demonstrating how it is working with wholesalers to boost local store’s off licence profits.

Landmark wholesaler L F Jones recently saw spirits sales leap by 29% after the Blueprint team implemented the PLOD concept (Putting Leaders On Display) in one of its Day Night stores.

PLOD involves taking 70cl spirits from the display cabinet behind the counter and relocating them on shelving near to the till for self-selection.

Working closely with wholesalers, the Blueprint is assisting them with depot presence with manned stands, remerchandising the single-bottle fixtures in-depot and training wholesalers’ development teams, as well as working with wholesalers’ club retailers directly.

L F Jones, in Bath, enlisted the help of Blueprint for its Day Night retail club and trialled PLOD.

Ross Shelley, scheme director for the Take Home Blueprint, explained: “Our focus has been to reinvigorate our relationships with wholesalers and work with them to deliver the Blueprint best-advice to their retailers.

“Simon Jones of L F Jones approached us to help its retailers as he was keen that the spirits section be moved to a self-serve fixture and for Blueprint to help them achieve this.”

PLOD is the Blueprint initiative that focuses on increasing sales of spirits by encouraging consumers to browse the fixtures, rather than hiding the range behind a till.

The problem of shrinkage associated with having this expensive range out on shelf is reduced through the use of security caps. At the till a detacher removes the caps on purchase.

The Blueprint team used the Day Night store in Melksham, Wiltshire, as the training store. It had recently undergone a full revamp according to Landmark Wholesale’s Hot House programme.

Colin Barton, of Colindale Associates, which provides the security cap equipment, was on hand to give the staff at the store full training.

A 3mx2m fixture was allocated close to the till for self-serve spirits. The total spirits inventory in the Day Night store was re-appraised and brought into line with the Blueprint principles of stocking brands which are in consumer demand. Missing brands Malibu, Baileys and Jack Daniels were given a presence.

Ross said: “Many retailers are unsure as to what can fill the now-empty fixture behind the tills. We suggest items such as over-the-counter pharmaceuticals or items that are prone to theft such as razor blades.

“Fractionals stay behind the till, but are re-merchandised with a more prominent display. The new display and relocating the 70cl range has had an incredible impact already, with EPOS data before and after PLOD showing an outstanding 29% increase. This is a result we are keen to repeat with other supporting wholesalers.”

l For more information contact the Blueprint Helpline : 0161 440 2770

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