Parfetts uses the Blueprint for success

Landmark Wholesale member Parfetts Cash Carry has joined forces with the FWD Take Home Blueprint team to bring the sales-enhancing benefits of this scheme to its retailers.

Parfetts’ Retail Development Team, which work with retailers across its six depots, took part in an afternoon workshop with the Blueprint to learn about its latest initiatives and how they can help develop Parfetts’ customers’ businesses.

In particular, the team were showed the benefits of the Blueprint’s security cap system titled ‘Putting Leaders On Display’ (PLOD), where retailers move their spirits out into the store on self-select protected from theft by PLOD’s security caps.

Paul Rodwell, customer development manager for Parfetts, explained: “We have worked closely with the Blueprint since day one, and find the planograms and ranging advice across the off licence indispensable for our retailers. We are particularly excited about the PLOD security cap initiative and have plenty of retailers lined up for this opportunity.

“Working with the Blueprint adds value to the overall offering that Parfetts has for its customers. PLOD is a great example where independents can steal a march on the multiples by having their spirits on self-select and watch their sales grow. We have already implemented this system in many of our retailers’ stores and they can’t believe why they haven’t moved to this system sooner.”

One such Parfetts’ retailer who has already taken advantage of the Blueprint treatment at its Sheffield depot, Terry Fieldhouse, has had PLOD installed across his three shops for just over four months seeing his spirits sales rise by as much as 64% in one store.

Terry, who won the 2008 Responsible Retailer of the Year Award, explained: “I had my reservations about theft by putting them out on self-select, but the benefit has been amazing and the sales increases beyond what I thought I could achieve. Having my spirits out on a main fixture in-store means that my customers can browse the range themselves and see the price differences and promotions easily, encouraging them to upgrade their purchases and try different brands.

“As a result both my branded and own brand lines have increased in sales, doubling the amount of stock sold at one store instantly.

“The Blueprint offers a no-nonsense approach to help the independent retailer achieve his most important goal – bigger profits, yet with no extra work from myself or my staff “

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