One size doesn’t fit all with food

Chris Beckingham, foodservice trading controller of The Today’s Group, said “one size very definitely does not fit all” when it comes to the foodservice market.

“Foodservice is nothing like the retail market. It’s hugely different and notoriously hard to pin down. You know the 80:20 rule – where 80% or the range in the multiples is identical? Spin it through 180 degrees, turn it on its head, and that’s more like the foodservice market looks – with very little commonality between individual wholesalers.

“Think about high-class restaurant and school canteens. Gordon Ramsey wants different ingredients than Jamie Oliver does.”

He added that in some cases branded products work against suppliers as chefs want to produce their own unique menu. Beckingham said that this is where foodservice specialists can prosper as they understand the niche concept and don’t expect one size to fit all.

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