NID coverage worth £1.5m

Coverage of the National Independents’ Day celebration on June l has now been calculated at no less than £1.5m in equivalent advertising cost terms.

This means that a big brand would need to spend this sum to achieve the 33 million “consumer hits” scored by NID on national and regional television, radio and press.

The consumer public relations element of the NID campaign was handled by Nexus, the leading London consultancy, under the direction of managing director Alan Twigg.

Twigg is a member of the FWD PR Action Group (PRAG) which is driving the My Shop Is Your Shop campaign, of which NID is the centrepiece.

He said: “This figure is calculated by measuring column centimetres generated in all the press coverage, by audience reach and opportunities to both see and hear on broadcast coverage. Advertising cost equivalents are then used at the going rate per media outlet to give us the final monetary value.

The PR industry’s governing body also advises an editorial weighting formula which multiplies the advertising value by a factor of three as there is evidence to show that the independent endorsement of editorial has a greater value than paid for space.
“We have not used this calculation – if we did, the value would rise to almost £4m,” said Twigg.

Alan Toft, architect of MSYS and campaign chairman, said: “Professionals in the PR industry are telling me that this score is phenomenal, representing a huge return on the five figure sum we spend on consumer PR.”

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