New report shows availabilty dropping in cash and carries

The problem of poor availability in cash and carries is getting even worse, according to the latest research from HIM.

Its Cash Carry Retailer Tracking report, released last week, found that 27% of customers at cash and carries failed to make a planned purchase compared with 26% a year ago.

HIM client director Jonathan Rons commented: “The cash and carry sector is missing out on a huge amount of sales because of poor availability. Our figures show that more than a quarter of customers are leaving without making a planned purchase.”

The report was compiled from interviews during June with more than 3,000 independent retailers at cash and carry depots across the UK. Fourteen cash and carry companies were involved in the research.

Rons said another significant finding was that fewer than half of cash and carries’ retailer customers sell fresh food. He said: “From our research we know the best performing c-stores are immersed in their fresh offer.

“Fresh should be the foundation of a good c-store, but if cash and carries are not embracing fresh then they are giving the wrong message to retailers.”

HIM also found that an increasing number of C C customers are also using supermarkets to source goods for resale. Almost two thirds said they did so because of price, but 33% said “convenience” was the main reason.

Only 30% or retailers had EPOS and most said they did not follow planograms. Rons said: “This means cash and carries should be asking ‘what are we doing to support these customers?’.”

These retailers need help to make informed decisions about what to put on their shelves, he said.

Even retailers who used EPOS to identify the top sellers in their stores, would miss out on new products to enhance sales because they were not already listed.

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